Celebrating the New Year with Lion Dances in Hong Kong

Imagine hundreds of young people dancing toward you dressed as colorful lions. A drumbeat sounds in the background. Bright hues of yellow, red, orange, purple, blue and green blend into a colorful feast for the eyes.

The annual Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival aims for the Guinness World Record books each year, with the sheer size of the celebration. The festival was actually held on January 1-2 this year. But I thought it appropriate to write about the celebration, as the Chinese (lunar) New Year is now upon us as well!

When I visited Hong Kong, I was conducting some research when I came across a blog post about the festival. The parade took place on New Year’s Day. My husband and I decided to make our way to Kowloon Park, where the dancers were ending their parade, to catch them as they passed by.

We thought we might be lost, but then heard them approaching from the down the street. They rounded the corner, and made their way uphill.


Some of the dragons were friskier than others!

It was great seeing all the kids in their costumes.

Once they reached the end of the parade route, it was clear they were pretty exhausted. All of the dragon heads were lined up in neat rows. Many people crowded around, trying to grab selfies and photos.



Luckily, I was able to grab a keepsake photo as well!


I would recommend checking out this parade if you are in Hong Kong for New Year’s. It’s a fun cultural experience outside of checking the usual tourist sites off your list!

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