My Chocolate Travel Highlights

World Chocolate Day (July 7) got me thinking about a few of my very favorite chocolate-related travel experiences.

Here’s hoping there will be many more to come (Switzerland, I’ll see you some day)!

#1 Hot Chocolate at El Cardenal Restaurant in Mexico City

If you dine at the wonderful El Cardenal Restaurant in Mexico City, you must order the hot chocolate. This is a thick and rich chocolate drink. You will also be served the perfect pairing for this tasty beverage: a basket full of warm and fresh baked pan dulce bread.

#2 Chocolate Bars at Dallmayr in Munich, Germany

The famous Dallmayr delicatessen stocks a variety of luxury chocolate bars with all sorts of unusual flavor varieties — chocolate with lavender or chili nibs, for example. The hazelnut flavored chocolate bars are my favorite.


#3 Churros (or xurros) with Chocolate in Barcelona, Spain

After a long day of walking the streets of Barcelona, it feels great to sit down and relax with fresh churros dipped in melted chocolate. Here’s a list of a few options.

#4 Chocolate Croissants in Paris

Stop by a boulangerie (bakery) to pick up a chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat) in the morning to start your day off right. There’s nothing like a warm croissant oozing with melting chocolate.

#5 Chocolate Gelato in Italy

After spending a hot day walking the streets of Rome or Florence, cool down with some gelato. Of course you are free (and encouraged) to mix your chocolate gelato with other flavors as well.

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